Tuesday, July 03, 2007

O Canada - Happy 140th!

This past weekend was the Canada Day long weekend and as Canada celebrated her 140th birthday, I partied along with friends and family.

Started off on Friday with a BBQ at the de Lima house where all family members ‘cept for the Mendoncas were in attendance. By midnight all the kids had fallen asleep in various places around the house while the “grown-ups” were still going strong. It was almost 2:30 am when we finally got home! Received a wake up call from Menace bright and early (too damn early) on Saturday and had to force myself out of a beautiful dream about me on a carpet ride with Josh Duhamel. Drove to Oakville with Menace and The Beer Baron to pick up The Beer Baron's new bike – a BMW F 800 S (God, I hope I got that right!) and basically embarrassed him silly by being crazy groupie/ paparazzi girl taking 100s of pics and making loud comments on all and sundry. The sales guy was most happy to see us leave.

Paid a quick visit to Roopa and fly, and ended up hanging out for the rest of the afternoon with them and lunching in Burlington by the lake. Saw some of the swankiest houses ever on lakeshore in the Oakville/ Burlington area that had security gate houses that were bigger than my house! Made mental note to come back some day and canvass for “eligible bachelors” – there’s bound to be a few lonely souls out there, and I could be just the person for them to spend their millions on. Who wouldn’t want a cute, vivacious, super fun, charming ‘lil brown girl around? That too one with GREAT hair! ;)

In spite of having heaps o fun on Saturday, was feeling rather gloomy with self Sunday morn as realized that the past 4 years have been utterly misspent both in view of relationship as well as career. Cheered up greatly when Menace took me to the Bay where we tried on a multitude of hats and sunglasses and other random accessories. Ended up buying a hat as well as it was too dinky for words and only $10 after some mega discounts! Wore said hat for rest of afternoon and evening and felt wonderful about life. (It’s sad, but I’m SO easily amused!)

The Blonde One joined us at Menace's in the evening for our “mixed drinks” extravaganza. Beer Baron also showed up later after having ridden the length and breadth of the Golden Horseshoe area all day long. Weather did NOT cooperate and allow us to enjoy the outdoors, so had to make do with watching fireworks through the window. While sipping on concoctions like Mango Madness, Strawberry Surprise and Lime n Lemon fantasia, we discussed the upcoming Harry Potter book and movie thoroughly and also my views on “Buffy” with Blondie who was very happy to hear of my new found commitment to fluff TV. Discovered a revolutionary idea in dessert called “Angel Food Cake” which has all the yummy goodness taste of a regular sponge cake sans the icky fat/calories factor! Talk about an awakening! Rounded up the night by watched the original “Die Hard” movie from waaaay back in 1988 (wow, I was just 7 when that came out!) and marveled at how many ciggies Bruce Willis lit up during the 2.5 hrs it took him to overcome the baddies.

Met up with parents on Monday morning and drove to Wild Water Kingdom where we spent a lovely day with the Patels and the Pochas swimming in the wave pool, sliding down crazy water slides, floating along the “lazy river” on tubes and generally having a good time. Thankfully the weather was better than Sunday’s and I am now officially berry brown and lovin’ it!

The family was off for a vacation to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City this morning, so its home alone for me over the next week. Planning a trip to Stratford for next weekend with Loretta and Dale to see either “Merchant of Venice” or “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The Ex and I went to see Henry VIII two summers ago, but looking forward to spending some time exploring Stratford itself. Also, the last time I spent half the play explaining to Andy what was going on, so not terribly enjoyable for me! Not too keen on having to shell out almost $100 for a room, but I don’t have anyone to share with… so tough noogies! Thankfully the tickets are super cheap as compared to most other professional theatre prices, and with Loretta and Dale along, it’s sure to be a fun weekend!

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