Friday, July 20, 2007

Shout Out!

As a follow up to my tribute to my Blog posse, I really DO need to do a formal “Shout Out” to one of my most dedicated Blog readers – Penguin Pal. Come rain or shine, PP reads my mental excrement and is with me on my highest highs and supporting me in my lowest lows.

Just when I feel like this blog is a complete waste of time, energy and resources she posts a comment that let’s me know that at least ONE person out there is with me on this roller coaster that is my life. Her comments always hit the right spot and give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling about myself!

I also know that I have a few closet fans! There’s a few other folks who I suspect read the blog, but never post comments and never let on that they read it unless they’re drunk and they happen to reference a previous post in conversation!

To those shadowy figures out there – COMMENT! And you too shall be rewarded with a “Shout Out”

Now, because you are reading this expecting some sort of an actual post, here's my very own version of "Overheard....." for you, my dedicated fan(s).

At Union Station, waiting for friends.

Man: Excuse me Miss, are you Natasha?
Me: No.
5 minute interval.
Man: Excuse me, would you like to be Natasha?

In public washroom at Harbourfront Centre.

Little Girl: I can’t use this washroom, it’s all messy and ick.
Mother: (peering into the stall). Don’t be silly, it’s just fine [insert little girl name]. Life is ick. Hurry up now!


Sanch said...

So, did you agree to be Natasha?

And are you going to a Potter release partay? The book shop I've ordered from is actually going to be open bright and early at 5 am IST, but I don't think that's the best time to be going out alone and taking rickshaws in Bangalore. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout was lovely! Keep up the good stuff youself, kiddo.

Glad you're still following the Jays...they would miss you!

Your Penguin Pal

Timorous Beastie said...

I am a Timorous Beastie and so don't want to be shouted about, but I always read and lurk, but seldom comment. It is nice to read about mates over brekkie, innit?

Liisa said...

I am a mothership and my name is Liisa. I don't mind to be shouted about - a smaller craft keeps shouting at me 24/7 so it's part of my job to hear that anyway. Hey ho!

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