Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog Buddies

Over the past 2 years of my blogging history, I’d like to say that I have gathered a nice blogging posse. I know I don’t have a long blogroll, but I’d rather go for the quality over quantity!

My buddy list consists of 4 current Tokyo residents, who were the original inspiration for my trip to the Land of Sake and Sochu. If not for their vivid description of life in Japan, I’d prolly never have traveled there, and would have forever missed out meeting 4 of the nicest virtual friends a gal could have!

Another on the list is an ex colleague who I’m happy to also call a friend and the remaining two are bloggers I discovered randomly off another blog list.

And finally, the newest addition – an old college friend from Bombay and also probably the only other person from our graduating year who is just as clueless as I am (or more) when it comes to relationships, and also the only other person left who isn’t married and spitting out babies! A warm welcome to Curly Girlie and I’m much grateful that she has finally made the move over to Blogger as following her antics on msn was painfully difficult. Besides, I could never post comments on her spewage as I didn’t have the required passwords and couldn’t be a*sed to get ‘em!

Over the past 2 years reading about their lives has become an integral part of my life! Even before I met the 4 in Tokyo, I felt like I knew who they were, and what they were all about. How couldn’t I when I was reading about their day to day living and basically getting a little peep into their worlds?

Looking at their blogs has become part of my morning routine, as important as my cuppa coffee and my bowl of cereal. It’s great to know that friendships are not restricted by physical boundaries and spatial distances. It’s nice to know that I can count on these folks for support, encouragement and random advice. It’s nice to know that my opinions and advice matter – some!

It’s nice knowing you my blog buddies!


CurlyGirlie said...

Thank you for the warm welcome - tho Im not quite happy about the more clueless part - regardless if it's the truth or not!!
I do think the 2 years of blogging is showing - u make me laugh/cry/feel more with each passing post! Awesome writng!

Sigsy said...

Hey Blog Buddy - I have been a real slacker for reading Blogs recently as I discovered a whole new world of Blog obsession in Facebook. Are you a member? I am! And Jo in Japan. And Beastie.
Anyway, I still haven't updated my side panel with my fave Blogs, but I have to say that I agree. I have made true, lasting friendships in the cyber world and I love it!
You are always so upbeat, optimistic and your family always look like they are having a ball! And you are, of course, gorgeous!

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