Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Lord and the Universe both work in Mysterious Ways

For a year I had been holding on. To the past, to the memories. There were things I was clinging to, as if it would make it less painful to have been ripped out of my past life and put into my present one.

Even when things got better and the wounds healed (like all wounds do), I still held on to silly things that I felt would make me feel better. Like my phone list that had more international than local numbers. I would scroll down looking at all those numbers that began with +44 and thinking about the number of times I used to push "call" against one of them.

Last week Beer Baron declared that it was about time I joined the current century and passed along his old Blackberry. Before I could protest (too much), he'd swapped my SIM cards over and in one fell move wiped out almost all of my contact list.

No more +44s. Cold Turkey.

And, I think I am fine with that.

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