Friday, July 27, 2007


The weekend is almost upon us and I have just 2 hrs and a bit until I'm OUTTA HERE. Woohoo for Summer flex time and half days every other Friday!

Lots of plans for this weekend are bouncing around trying to get my attention right now. Topmost on the list are of course my hair session and pedicure this afternoon. There will be some MAJOR primping happening - hopefully all with great results!

Other plans include:
  • Meeting H and Chudley this evening to check out the Yonge/ Dundas festival. Highlights include a set by comedian Russell Peters.
  • Checking out the HipHop festival at the Harbourfront Centre.
  • Browsing through the H&M sale while waiting for H and Chuds - who are perennially late.
  • Checking out the newest additions to the BMV outlet at Yonge/ Dundas. Have vowed to keep myself to a 3 book purchase limit. OK, maybe 4.

Rain is in the forecast for later today, so actual plans might turn out:

  • Get primped
  • Check out BMV
  • Browse at H&M
  • Meet H and Chuds
  • Find pub
  • Chat & drink & catch up!

Which are also perfectly lovely things to look forward to!


Lotus Reads said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Haven't visited the Harbourfront as much this year. Was supposed to go with friends to "Masala Mehndi" but was invited out to lunch and had to drop plans. I am now looking forward to the Film Festival, will you be going?

The Pixy Princess said...

I ALWAYS miss MMM! every year!
Never done the film festival. I find it too expensive. I tend to check out the indi films more like the HotDocs festival.

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