Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Official!

Got my first pay cheque today, so I suppose I am now "Officially" Employed! woohooo!

The first week here at the new office has been a huge learning experience for me. So many new concepts to wrap my head around, new ways of doing things, saying things, looking at situations. The first time I left a vm for a client, I rattled off my old number at the Jays, then had to sheepishly call back and leave the right one! Oh well, everyone got a giggle outta that at least!

The new office is also very quite - just 15 people here and everyone speaks in sotto, pianissimo voices. A far cry from the everyday hustle of a sales floor shared with about 50 guys - all booming over the phone and having a conversation about everything from last night's shag to this morning's sports news. Think locker room - 'cept everyone's wearing a tie!

Also, new office is full of old-er people. Am by far the second youngest with the youngest having a mere 11 months less of living time. Still, my "boss"is tres young-at-heart types and doesn't seem to mind my err "eccentricities". It's probably that she's never worked with the likes of me before, and is just overwhelmed! Also, she's going to have to learn "Pixy Speak" really quick or else we're going to experience some big time communication issues. Perhaps she can take a quick lesson from my previous manager! Still, she's a dear and its way nicer working with her than with someone who thought I was "in the wrong place" and always reminded me of that in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

In all, a very good start to what I hope will be a great sojourn with a very fine organization. AND, I even got a key so now I can get into the washrooms.......!!

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