Thursday, July 12, 2007

Talking About Transit

I use the TTC every day. So do about a million others. And more than 75% of them are total commuter morons!

Like on escalators – stand right; walk left. It’s a simple concept, but may as well be quantum physics by the way people are completely unable to comprehend these basic instructions. And of course when one tries to enforce it, well, that’s crazy talk!

Or when a train pulls into the station and everyone rushes to the doors nearest the stairs or the elevator. HELLO….. There are about 50 doors on the train – ALL OPEN. How about you try another compartment instead of trying to quash yourself into a space that Tinkerbell would find tight and in the process holding up the train coz your oversize overpriced Louis Vomiton bag is blocking the doorway.

Or how about when the folks get into a compartment or a bus and promptly stop just past the doors, making it impossible for other people to comfortably and not to mention safely get on board. And even when the driver yells “Back of the bus please”, they move a fraction of an inch and look as if they’ve done the world the biggest favour. A close relative of the above kind of the people are the ones who don’t have to get off the bus or train, but still persist in blocking the doorway so that people are forced to walk in/ out around them. And God forbid someone accidentally bumps into them – it’s the prelude to the Armageddon!

Or the person with a 100 bags who thinks that it’s ok to deny others a seat because their bag of groceries and their shopping bags have had a tougher day than the rest of the folks on the train. And when asked to move the bags usually makes disgruntle noises and annoyed faces. Like it’s not THEIR fault you don’t have a seat!

Or the douchbag masquerading as human who thinks that as a member of the male species it’s ok for him to sit with spayed legs and thus restrict MY sitting space to a minimum. If this is an attempt to let the world know that you have big balls, it’s not working. All it says about you is – “I’m an inconsiderate TOOL”

I could go on. But I can feel my blood pressure rising. I will instead go out and buy a smoothie. It won’t solve the problem of moronic fellow commuters, but it WILL make my tongue go blue… and that’s better than my face going purple!

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