Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In Need of Hairapy

Two months ago as I was wandering down University Ave, I was approached by a young man. Instead of the usual plea for money, he offered me an amazing promotion with a local salon. For a mere $46, I would receive a coupon that entitled me to 4 visits for (1) hair wash, cut and style (2) manicure (3) mini pedicure and polish (4) follow up hair treatment.

I bought 2 coupons before the guy had even finished with the pitch!

Almost immediately, I experienced oodles of guilt as going to someone else for a haircut was tantamount to cheating on Connie who’s been my amazing stylist for the past year. Before that I went to a tres expensive salon in Yorkville and when I finally made the break and “took up” with Connie, I felt like a dirty cheating ho.

What IS it about hairdressers that make you SO guilty when you want to go somewhere else?

Full of shame for my durrrty durrty deeds, I called Connie and made a full confession. Only after I had procured her blessings to go to another hairdresser, did I start to feel better about the whole situation.

Anyway, have made me an appointment for Friday, July 27th. Hope it works out as I have a summer partay to attend the next day where I’m hoping my new locks will make a favourable and lasting impression on a certain someone.

Or, things can go horribly wrong and I will be severely punished for even attempting to cheat on my beloved Connie and will have to attend said party wearing concealing scarf on head.

My new nightly prayer: Hair Angels, be gentle with me. I have had many trials of late and would not withstand an attack on my luscious locks. Thanks very much, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so me and the LM Montgomery museum will be the site of the first showing???????

CurlyGirlie said...

I'm not so guilty with the hair thingy but I hate having to explain doing regular stuff at the parlour elsewhere like eyebrows or something and then I leave extra large trip to make up :-(!!

Anonymous said...

nix... you HAVE to write a book based on episodes in your are rivetting, i
ll buy the book even though i've already read the blog! SHAL

The Pixy Princess said...

PP:Uxbridge won't know what hit it when the two of us breeze through that morning!

CG:Connie doesn't even let me tip her - so that just adds to the guilt factor!!

Shals darlin', if I ever DO write my bestseller - memoirs of a muddled misfit, you will be one of the FIRST to get a FREE signed copy! *muuuuaaah*

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