Friday, May 18, 2007

Tiresome Day

Ok. So maybe starting the day off with 2 slices of left-over pizza for brekkers is NOT the way to loose 10 lbs. In my defense, I had to wake up at 8 am (early for the unemployed) and haul ass over to our old condo to supervise the plumber guy who was there to fix the shower. When one is woken up earlier than normal, one tends to get unreasonably hungry and there was no time for cereal or anything HEALTHY. It was pizza or starve.

The morning was a COMPLETE WASTE as it consisted of me sitting on the tenant's couch and watching plumber guy walk in and out of washroom, and in and out of condo trying to figure out how to get at a pesky pipe.

Plumber guy finally realised that the only way pesky pipe was coming out was if he was to bore a hole in the ceiling of the unit below. Of course when he went to inform owners of unit below of said activity, owner's son nearly fainted and called his daddy post haste. Not too sure why he got that look of terror on his face though - its not like plumber guy wanted to bore a hole in HIM!

Daddy in turn also freaks out and says "hell no" to any boring of walls/ ceilings in spite of being informed that all costs will be covered by us. Apparently all the units are interconnected and there's no other way to get to pesky pipe. By this point, I nearly want to take someone's head off, but manage to contain myself and in best mature, adult voice and fashion inform Daddy that if we do not get his consent, I would like to have it in writing that we will not be responsible for any damage caused to his unit resulting from water seeping from above. And in case of damage, he - Daddy Dear - will be responsible for the costs of fixing both units.

Anyway, long story short - nothing .... nothing got done after 3.5 hours of plumber guy running in and out of shower and condo and Daddy Dear running around wailing that the walls of Jericho would collapse and the condo manager trying to keep me from taking a hammer to his silly little head!

Now of course the tenants are being complete dinks over the entire issue and wanting to withhold rent etc etc. There's a perfectly working second washroom they can use in the interim - but no, they want to make a scene about something ... anything... without looking at reason. My dad refuses to let me talk to the SOB, but at the same time is getting completely stressed over something that he has no control over! See... this is why everyone else in my family has high BP problems! My philosophy is - if you can't control it - don't freak out. Somehow my parents skipped that chapter in the self help book of life.

So, now they're both freaking.... and will probably give themselves a cardiac attack before long.

Me, I think I'm going to raid the 'fridge.

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