Friday, May 04, 2007

Analyze this will ya...??

Exerpts from last night's dream sequence:

I'm on the farm (Ex's parents' place) and its a nice sunny day in the country. It seems that we're out on the lawn having lunch on picnic tables. Then I realise that my table is drifting away from the other tables and the bench I'm on is doing a jig trying to get me off. Everyone else keeps eating as if dancing tables were a dime a dozen in those parts.

The scene shifts to the corn field and in true horror movie style, the skies have darkened, there is a menacing wind swirling around me and the occassional lightening bolt streaks across the heavens. And I'm running... and running... not sure from what - perhaps the picnic bench?

Scene III
London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 4. I need to get to terminal 2, but I somehow landup at another Tube station. I go to the booth to speak with the transit guys, but they're all speaking different languages and I cannot make them understand what I want. Time is ticking away and if I don't get back to the airport soon....I'll miss my flight! An old lady tries to help me, but the evil Tube worker guy beats her over the head and locks her in a cupboard!

Scene IV
I'm part of the cast of "Fraiser" (I *think* I was Ross)
Daphane and Mr. Crane are standing outside a store signing people up for a "therapy treasure hunt" that Niles and Fraser have created. It's supposed to bring fighting people together over the course of the hunt. Fraiser and Niles begin to fight themselves and Daphane signs them up too. Then a big German Sheppard dog ran up and peed on Fraiser's leg. Note: Ross didn't actually have anything to do with the scene - she was just there so that I could be there ... to view all this. I think.

Scene V
Well not really a scene - I wake up coz the dog reminded me that I needed to go to the washroom!

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