Monday, May 28, 2007

Discoveries on Yonge Street

The weekend rolled by sooner than I expected and thankfully full of plans for moi. Started things off with a dinner-and-show at the Heron Barn Theatre in Pickering. It was a lovely setting for an "old time" concept - an old barn converted into a restaurant and tea room with a little theatre upstairs. My aunt originated the idea as a "Girl's Nite Out" for just a few of us, but a couple of the fellas wanted it, so it ended up being a nice big group of 15.

Spent a great part of Saturday poking around the many used book stores on Yonge Street. I was fortunate enough to find some real deals and added 4 new members to my book kingdom that is fast expanding down in the basement. Am in dire need of more shelving space now!

In the course of the afternoon, I stumbled upon a DE-Lightful little store that's choc-a-block full of lovely old furniture, paintings, frames, mirrors and all sorts of other household knick nacks that the store owners are literally giving away in a liqudation sale. Have plans to go back there on Thursday with me mum and see if we can find some stuff for the house.

Later met up with H, C, Andrew and Carolyn at one of our fav city beer spots - Volo. They'd spent the morning pic-a-nicing on Toronto Island. The Chad graced us with his presence for a wee bit and wrapped up the day at the Diesel Theatre where Bethums joined us to see one of 'Drew's friend's perform stand up there.

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