Monday, May 14, 2007

The family and the city

In honour of coz Captain who's visiting from Bombay, I organized a family "day at the ball park" this past Sunday. All the moms were quite thrilled when presented with a rose and a lovely tote bag at the gates by the staff in celebration of "Mother's day".

The Jays took on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and we cheered them along all the way! Even though the Jays lost, we were in too high sprits to be brought down. After the game, we hopped across the road to see my cousin's new condo and on the way out bumped into 3rd baseman Troy Glaus! The kids were thrilled and my aunt thought he was "quite nice looking"

Met up with my bro who works at the TD Tower. He took a bunch of us up to the roof and from 56 stories high we had a wonderful view of Toronto. Not as high as the CN Tower, but it sure beats the $22 price tag for the elevator ride up! 

Finished the day with a fish 'n chips meal at Fionn McCools on the Esplanade followed by desserts from DQ's and we were all back home just in time to catch Desperate Housewives! Now THAT'S a well planned day - if I say it myself! ;)

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