Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy B'day Queen Vicky

May 2-4 Weekend - long weekend in Canada, birthday celebrations for Queen Vic AND the "official" start to summer. Never mind the teensy detail that the calendar says that summer begins in June. We're too impatient to wait another month! The temps are soaring, the skies are clear and blue, the gardens are tilled and ready..... and Dairy Queen has a new "summer special" out - its time!

Sadly did not see Shrek on Friday as planned. Kids were unavailable, and so was the rest of everyone. Felt v looser like and went and rented videos - and ended up buying 2 as well. Friday night thus = video night.

Much work to be done on Saturday as dust bunnies run rampant all over house. 1.5 hrs of furious vacuuming later, they have been partially eradicated. In true resilient bunny style they will return - damn!

Went over to Menace's place Sattyday afternoon to help her out with preparations for party to celebrate Andrew and Carolyn's baby - due out in October, their moving to NJ and their upcoming nuptials. Lots of reasons to celebrate in short! Wore very new outfit - part of the NixPix Spring line. Hair behaved exceedingly well. No pics available - take my word for it; I looked good!

Met many of Andrew and Carolyn's friends at the party. Most of who are married, married with babies or about to be married with babies. Must say, thankfully not the "Smug Married" kind a la Bridget Jones' Diary, but still weird and awkward at times to be among this unknown and strange species.

Menace drove me home on Sunday and the poor girl spent part of the afternoon chatting with my parents. Rather, we all sat in the living room and then my dad proceeded to monopolize the conversation and spoke for 45 mins straight about ...... something...... It is times like these that I wish I was an orphan.

Plan for today - start watching Buffy DVDs. Menace loaned me seasons 1 and 2. With my current rate of TV watching, I should be done with all 8 seasons by next week!

Boy, do I REALLY need a job!

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