Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pub Crawlin'

For someone who's entire day is made up of sitting at the comp and job surfing, ironically I've had little or no time to keep updating the blog! Still, its not like anything exciting happens every day at home. Thankfully, this past weekend generated enough excitement to keep me happy for the next few days at least! 

Started off with a visit to my ol' stomping grounds - York U where I used to work aeons ago! After a quick round of catch up with the staff, Menace, Beer Baron, Brooksy and myself took off to see Spidey 3. A tad disappointing really - the lines were choppy. the character development weak and there was about 30 mins that belonged more in an episode of "Days of Our Lives" than in a Sam Raimi movie! Still, the action sequences were pretty awesome and the animation on "Venom" was amazing! 

Saturday was of course the much anticipated and awaited "12 Hour Pub Crawl - 2007 Edition". This year's route started at noon at Ciros at Bloor and Landsdowne and took us east on Bloor street where we finally wound up at midnight at the Green Room at bloor and bathurst.

I decided it was the perfect occassion to launch my new look - Spring wear and got rave reviews all day long.

The Beer Baron went for the "I make this look good.... and easy" look:

And N countered with the "I make this look better" look!

Along the way beer was drunk, jokes were made, friends met up, more beer was drunk and good time were had by all! My "barely legal" brother Big Indian who just turned 19 last Sunday joined us for a short time at the Vic. Over 12 hours, 6 pubs, 27 participants representing 8 countries and MANY pints of beer later we can safely say that Pub Crawl Spring 07 was one of the best ones yet!

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