Thursday, November 30, 2006

Channeling my Inner Goddess

I went to get my hair cut, styled and coloured yesterday, and the results are SPECTACULAR!!
Those who know me will attest to just how much I love my hair. And yes, I do mean LOVE. But in my defence, if one is only marginally pretty in features, quite round in body type and quite short in height... well one MUST make the most of ones true (and only) beauty - one's hair!

And so I do! For years when I lived in India, I dutifully went to the same hair salon just down the road from my house where my mum first took me when I was 6. My mum being a singularly unimaginative person - at least where haircuts were concerned - always told them to cut my hair in whatever fashion they saw fit. This has resulted in a childhood filled with horrendous haircuts that ranged from uneven bangs to a Mia Farrow pixie cut to - Lord help me - a fine tribute to the Betty Rubble house of hair fashion - the BamBam bowl cut! I think I finally rebelled and asserted my hair independence when I was 14 and begged to be allowed to pick my own styles.

After we moved to Toronto, I serched in vain for that elusive oh so perfect guy/gal who would cut my cherished tresses just right and not make me want to disolve into tears at the first sight of my new hair. One hapless heifer even reduced me to scrambling on all fours trying to piece my hair back. Evil Twat! And oh, let's not forget the douchbag who streaked my hair blonde (Did mention, I'm Indian??) It took all of my self control not to hit him over then head when I saw the final product. HOW does he get blonde when I say hazel brown??

Anyway, loads of unfortunate hair incidents later, my friend Craig finally recommended me to this really nice, but oh-so-expensive salon in Yorkville. Well it was right behind the Four Seasons Hotel, so you can imagine the general locale! Peter WAS good though, and Daaavide (never call him David) the "colour technician" was even better, but over the two years that I had been going there, they had been burning a tremendous hole in my bank account and I was desperate to move onto someone more ... well ... common!

Enter Connie, who I met at ASL classes last year and who had her own parlour; Salon Sogno at Dufferin & Eglinton. I started off by going to her to get my hair styled for a couple of weddings and ultra chic work functions etc. and then finally bit the bullet and got her to cut my hair in the late summer. I loved the cut and the new style she gave me, and so yesterday with another friend Inbal in tow, went back to her to get my annual colour therapy. She sure didn't let me down and gave me beautiful highlights of reds and purples and combined with my natural deep brown, the whole effect is quite stunning.... and I look GREAT!

Topsy Turvey

Ma Nature was either menopausal or hung over most of the past week coz things in the world of weather have been definitely randomly upside down and messed up all around. We had record high temps of 17 degrees and Vancouver was buried under 4 ft of snow! And most of the poor dears didn't even have proper 4f of snow cleaning apparatus as well!

Well looks like the hangover has passes coz today is crappy wet rainy windy November day.
*Joy* I don't have to venture out in this mess.
*Not so Joy* I've been working on my PowerPoint presentation for Saturday... and its going no where!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fu*@ing Bureaucrats!

One of the very last things I had to do in preparation for my trip was to apply for my Indian visa. The rules of the Consulate state that one cannot apply too much in advance of the travel date so as per my calculations; this was the week to apply. Accordingly, I went onto their website last week, downloaded the application forms, got my pics taken, put together all the documents listed as needed and decided that I'd go down there first thing Monday morning and get it done.

Monday, November 27th

9:42 am - I arrive at 1895 Yonge St. very happy that I was able to get there just 12 mins after the Consulate opened for visa apps.

9:43 am - I see a notice in the lobby stating that the Indian Consulate is no longer located there. The new address is 365 Bloor St. E

9:44 am - Thoroughly confused, I scramble for my visa application (that I had printed out just the previous week) and check the address printed on there. Yup, 1895 Yonge St.

9:45 am - Place a call to Jiblett to find out for me just where is 365 Bloor St.

10:14 am - Arrive at 365 Bloor St. Suite 700. See about 100 people crowding the reception of the Consulate and apparently no system/ order anywhere. Join the nearest "line" and cross my fingers.

10:22 am - Have to move to new line as things start to get "organized".

10:54 am - I move up 4 paces. There are approx 70 people in front of me and another 40 behind. The end of the line has moved into the stairwell.

11:17 am - The line starts to move much faster. Within a few minutes, I'm at the front where one of the Consulate Officials is checking documents. The first question I'm asked -Where is your ticket? - Note: that is NOT one of the documents mentioned in the list!
I say, I have an eticket... he looks at me most suspiciously. Then asks - What is your date of travel? I reply - Dec 14 and he snaps back - Come back on Dec 12.

By now, I am thoroughly confused and try to ask why I need to come back two days before my travel and have to pay the higher "emergency fee" when I have plenty of time to get the visa the regular way now. - No reply... he has moved on to someone else.

I move out of line and back towards the reception. I see a young lady who appears to work there and repeat my question to her. The answer - You can always mail it in. That way you're still paying the same fee.

Well! That was simple enough! Why wouldn't A**hole there have said that??? Oh... wait... that would mean that he would have had to actually LISTEN to what I was saying, and want to HELP.

11:55 am - I find the closest Post Office and send off my documents.

Now comes the long and tedious wait. Will I get my passport back on time? Will it contain the correct visa? For the correct time frame?

Stay tuned for the results.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

3:43: am

3:43 am and I am completltly sozzled writingt this post.

Had a very surreal conversatin with Cubby earlier this night and I *thing* the bottom line of that conversation was that h said he;ll show up to the p[arty of the 2nd. * Ha RIGHT*
Did I alos bet a $100 on his showing up?? Can't be... I'be many dumb things before...... but not as dumb.....

Huuuum... may be I should edit this post wjen I'm sobER!!!
but weere's the fun in thta????

Disclaimer: The above was written after partaking in the consumption of 4 bottles of wine (3 red, 1 white) and needless to say, the content/ spellings of the message says it all. My first thought was "OMG... edit edit edit" and pray no one had read it. But on further reflextion, it shall stand as a testimony for what not to do when inhibriated!

In addition, yes I apparently did make a $100 bet with Jibber that his pal Cubby wouldn't show up to the party. But here's the crux: I have to pay him if Cubby showes.... but if he doens't, Jibber gets away scott free! GRRR yet another indication that bets should not be made when drunk... one has NO concept of odds!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All work and more play

I'm supposed to be studying for my ASL (American Sign Lang.) finals today.
I woke up - early- in the hope that I'll be able to go through all 14 chapters before 1 pm.

So far, I have:
  • Rearranged my dresser
  • Checked my email
  • Written a few emails
  • Made breakfast
  • Ate breakfast
  • Unpacked 2 more boxes
  • Picked up my ASL book *AHAH*
  • Put down my ASL book
  • Checked email
  • Tied back the rose bushes in the backyard
  • Updated my blog
Oh dear... almost noon! 

Monday, November 20, 2006

Home of my Fathers

10 things I cannot WAIT to do when I get back to Mumbai:

1. Stroll down the Carter Road promenade at sunset and watch the sun go to bed in the sea. Sunsets in the T Dot are most abrupt!

2. Eat pani puri at Karachiwalla's. *Yummmmmmm*

3. Go to the Bandra Gymkhana on a Sunday and shameless evesdrop on old timers discussing their wives, their kids, their jobs and the state of the nation today. In that order. Like they always have.

4. Go to Church on Sunday and after Mass hang around the Parish "Aunties" and get all of the latest Bandra gossip.

5. Walk down St. Andrews Road in March when the leaves on trees are just budding and those sweet yellow flowers are in full bloom.

6. Wake up eaaaary one morning and listen to the clank-clank of the milkman's bicycle as he makes his morning rounds.

7. Go to Bandra station and listen to the street vendors hawk their wares: "Ladisss... have a looks.... Niiiice stuffs I have..... Baby frooaks (frocks).... Baba soots (suits).... Fiiiines Qaalitis"

8. Take a train ride downtown.

9. Take a ferry ride to Elephanta Island.

1o. Ride the 4 ltd. bus back to Bandra - winding my way through the main road and by lanes of the city, taking it all in, enjoying every moment of the ride.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Skip to my Loo

WHAT is it about folks not washing their hands after using the washroom? SPECIALLY a public washroom!

I was out on Friday night and we visited at least 4 bars over the span of a few hours and suffice to say I had to make more than one trip to the ladies room to empty my beer regulated balder. At one loo, I had to wait for a free stall while this gaggle of what looked like pre teen girls clusted around the sinks yammering on and on about the "cutie by the pool tables". Well I watched two of them come out of the loo, fluff their hair out, re apply their make up, pat down their clothes and walk right out..... they didn't even make a pretense of washing! eeesh! They were probably wearing the most recent style of jeans, had their hair and makeup down pat... but completely oblivious of basic hygiene! Again... eeesh!

Anyway... other than that moment of sheer disgust, my Friday night was a whole lotta fun. Started out by meeting my  T Dot besties  downtown to see
Happy Feet the absolutely hilarious new movie from WB. Dunno if I've ever mentioned that one of my pals is a complete Penguin freak and of course there was no way she was missing THIS movie! In fact, I think she went and saw it again on Saturday... and then Sunday too! 'Course since Beer Baron and Trippy have been away in Barbados and St. Kitts and The Blond One had just returned from a 3 week trip to Africa, well pints were just mandatory after to help catch everyone up with everything. One pint lead to the next and before we knew it we had visited 3 pubs and it was last call - 'cept that like Oliver, we wanted more... so off we trotted to China town where one can order "tea" at all hours of the night! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Waking up on Saturday morning was no fun event, and waking up and realizing that we had just over an hour to get downtown for the 2 pm show of Wicked - that was no fun at all! Still, we made it, with minutes to spare and I'm glad we did coz I really loved the musical. I did wish the producers would have stayed truer to the book in the second half, but I suppose when's all said and done, an adaptation is never quite the same! Still, I had a good time and we totally scored on cheapie seats! I think Ive been remarkably luckly where theatre tickets are concerned. Except for the Lion King 4 years ago, I've never had to pay full price for any of the plays/ musicals/ professional productions I've seen. Hurrah for internet research and discounted ticket deals!

Oh and btw, one of the things I listed on my "Must Do" travel list is see "The Mousetrap". If anyone knows about nice LEGAL ways to get discounted tickets in London, DO share!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Parent Trap

Top 5 reasons I believe my parents need to be institutionalized:

1. I hand my mother an open box containing shoes and she says, "What is this"?
2. My parents have just 2 kids (that we're aware of) - a boy and a girl. Yet, when I call and say "Hi.. Ma..." my mother will ask, "Who is this?"
3. I call my dad at 6:00 pm and ask him to pick me up from the subway station in 20 mins. At 6:07 pm I get a call back saying "Where are you??? I'm here!"
4. I hear my mum calling and I'll answer "what.... what.... WHAT??" After 5 mins of yelling out to her, I'll make my way to where she is only to have her look at me vaguely and say, "Did I call you?"

5. Dad: U. Harry's having everyone over for lunch at their place next Sunday at 1:30.
Me: ok, I can make it. I'll just meet you guys there.
Dad: fine.
Sunday, 2:15 pm, Outside U. Harry's house, one the phone with Dad: Where IS everyone??
Dad: What are you doing at U. Harry's house? We're all having lunch at A. Ella's - I TOLD you. *to my aunt* see.. that girl NEVER listens!

Top 5 reasons I haven't signed the papers yet:

1. Most cold, wet, rainy nights I'll get a call from my dad asking me if I need a ride home from the subway.
2. Aside from occasional weird concoctions... my mum's food IS rather delish!
3. Living with them saves me big $$$$$ and enables me to travel endlessly.
4. Their daily antics give me fodder for a comedy best seller.
5. They're VERY good with laying on that whole Indian/ Catholic guilt thingy!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Technological Breakthrough!

Thanks to careful instructions from one of Sigsy's friends... I was finally able to add links to my fav blogs onto my site!

A tip of the hat to the unknown Emy!

Sorry it took so long guys... but my tecchie skills are sub par to say the least! For example, It took me 2 years to figure out how to turn on the TV, receptor and cable box at Andy's. Then too, I had to write down the sequence of buttons to push and carry the paper around with me!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Jam Packed Weekend

I am very sure my reader(s?) has had more than enough about the whole "The Pixys are moving" saga but there's one last update on that after which I swear I will move on to other topics!

After two pushbacks and umpteen changes of plans, Il Familia Pixy finally moved into their new house this past Saturday. And even then, not without more drama graciously provided by the moving company. But that's all done now and we're in and now alls that's left to be done is put things away and make the house a home.

Jiblett & I had to leave even before all the "festivities" were done as we had a previous engagement in London. (hey... we were supposed to move the previous weekend.. remember?) We were much overdue for a visit to London to meet one its newest and most adorabilist citizens - Alec James (or A. J) and oh my WHAT a cutie he is! Lots of pics and baby worship later, we put the little tyke to bed and then the "adults" proceeded to drink their faces off and debate the future of baseball, the price of cigarettes and whether or not it is proper etiquitte to clean the kitchen floor while one's guests are still eating dinner!

Everyone knows that the only thing to do after a full night of drinking is lots of bed rest. Or, if you are away from home, get in the car drive home and lots of bed rest. Which just shows you just how screwed up Jibblett & I are. Did we get into the car and drive home? Noooooo... we drive 40 mins into the country to go see his parents! Oh yeah... first we make a 30 min detour to his moron "friend's" house who thinks that taking someone's hat and hiding it is still acceptable behaviour when you're 30+ years old! GAH!

Anyway... we get to the farm where after 15 mins of conversation I fall alseep in the armchair and I know that if I don't get some sleep - real sleep - soon I'm going to explode. So off we troop to bed and 3 hours later slaunter down marginally refreshed. Jiblett's mum has been busy in the mean time and even though we surprised them with the visit, the gracious hostess that she is, there was a dinner fit for "company" all ready and just waiting to be chowed down.

We finally got back to the T Dot around 9 and I had just enough energy left to run a load of laundry before I crashed and then... it was today!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Santa Maria... it's another miracle!

The new house is proving to be full of mystical powers. Yesterday, I went over and taking advantage of the "good" weather (read: cloudy but no rain no mist no damp), I decided to tackle the much neglected backyard. We have one big... scratch that... huge Maple tree and one wee little Plum tree out back. The maple is about 15-18 years old and there were about 10 leaves left on it. The rest were all over the backyard... you do the math!

About 3 hours into the task, I began to realize just how the folks in Galilee felt when they were fed with just 5 loaves and 3 fish - surprised, awed and bloody confused trying to figure it all out!

No matter how fast I raked and gathered leaves, there just seemed to be more! My dad & I filled about 8 bags and that only covered about 1/3rd of the yard! Every time the wind blew a leaf off the tree, another seemed to magically appear and take its place. I was starting to feel like I was in some sort of Disney cartoon like when Donald battles the groundhog or the squirrel or the chipmunks... well you get the picture. There's a lot of frantic running around, internal swearing, yelling and kicking things followed by other things blowing up..... but it still ends with the squirrel/ groundhog/ chipmunk winning!

I went back to the house this morning to drop off some more boxes and took a quick look out at the back. Where there had been a clean yard last evening, there now was a carpet of leaves and waddya know.... 10 leaves still clung to the 'ol Maple.

I said a little prayer.... and went in search of the rake.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bless me Father.....

We got possession of our new house on October 28th. We went over on the 29th to take a cursory look around and that's when we discovered that furniture can hide a great deal!

The new house is full of the 7 deadly sins leading to house renovations - scratched floors, weirdly painted rooms, unvarnished doors, stuck windows, dirty corners, broken fixtures and let's not forget disaster backyard!

Suffice to say after surveying all of that... and getting off our knees from the prayer of help... we know that the move will have to be pushed back a while - a week at least. So, instead of moving in last Saturday, we spent the ENTIRE weekend trying to erase one sin after another!

After 3 days of hard work, we've got the floors sanded down and on their way to a revival. The 2 bedrooms have been re baptized from bubble-gum pink and grape purple to coriander seed and tranquil spring grass greens.

There's a long way for redemption and I'm on my out to the new place on yet another mission of mercy. Please continue to keep the house AND owners in your thoughts and prayers. Send all donations to the "Preserve this Ol House" fund.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just like Cher

Every year the whole daylight savings thing just completely throws me a curveball. In spite of repeated reminders on TV and from people all around me, I still manage to forget about changing the clocks... or worse still, like that one year I changed them the WRONG WAY!
You know how people always wish they could turn back time? (Now do you get the Cher reference?) Well... they shouldn't. It's just a pain and all of the next day you're stressing about if you've done it right.

At least this year wasn't that bad. I still forgot all about it, but seeing as I was in bed with a hangover for most of Sunday, it mattered not!

The reason for my most recent bout of post drinking regret syndrome was of course The Lady Killer's Awesome Halloween Party! (yes it deserves all caps!)
TLK LOVES Halloween - mostly because of the dark and twisty themes I guess - and every year he goes all out with his costume and "encourages" others to do the same. And if somehow folks aren't inspired enough to come up with a costume of their own (however lame), TLK is ready to dress them in his very own creations!

There were ghosties... there were ghoulies; a desperate housewife dropped in with muffins and ironically made the punch! Obscure comic book heroes hung on the couch while TV cartoons hobnobbed in the kitchen. And of course... we were all drinking! Which explains the huge gaps in the evening that even pictures couldn't straighten out!

I have zero memory of getting back to Jiblett's, but apparently we both made it back in one piece and then proceeded to sleep away Sunday with occasional trips to the washroom every time my tummy got nostalgic about all the wine I'd drunk the previous night! Days like that really SHOULD teach me not to indulge that much, but that's one lesson I don't seem to be able to learn. And here I want to be an educator! Well guess I'm going to have to set myself some homework: Do NOT over indulge at friend's b'day bash this Friday. Tune back for the results of that assignment!

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