Thursday, November 30, 2006

Channeling my Inner Goddess

I went to get my hair cut, styled and coloured yesterday, and the results are SPECTACULAR!!
Those who know me will attest to just how much I love my hair. And yes, I do mean LOVE. But in my defence, if one is only marginally pretty in features, quite round in body type and quite short in height... well one MUST make the most of ones true (and only) beauty - one's hair!

And so I do! For years when I lived in India, I dutifully went to the same hair salon just down the road from my house where my mum first took me when I was 6. My mum being a singularly unimaginative person - at least where haircuts were concerned - always told them to cut my hair in whatever fashion they saw fit. This has resulted in a childhood filled with horrendous haircuts that ranged from uneven bangs to a Mia Farrow pixie cut to - Lord help me - a fine tribute to the Betty Rubble house of hair fashion - the BamBam bowl cut! I think I finally rebelled and asserted my hair independence when I was 14 and begged to be allowed to pick my own styles.

After we moved to Toronto, I serched in vain for that elusive oh so perfect guy/gal who would cut my cherished tresses just right and not make me want to disolve into tears at the first sight of my new hair. One hapless heifer even reduced me to scrambling on all fours trying to piece my hair back. Evil Twat! And oh, let's not forget the douchbag who streaked my hair blonde (Did mention, I'm Indian??) It took all of my self control not to hit him over then head when I saw the final product. HOW does he get blonde when I say hazel brown??

Anyway, loads of unfortunate hair incidents later, my friend Craig finally recommended me to this really nice, but oh-so-expensive salon in Yorkville. Well it was right behind the Four Seasons Hotel, so you can imagine the general locale! Peter WAS good though, and Daaavide (never call him David) the "colour technician" was even better, but over the two years that I had been going there, they had been burning a tremendous hole in my bank account and I was desperate to move onto someone more ... well ... common!

Enter Connie, who I met at ASL classes last year and who had her own parlour; Salon Sogno at Dufferin & Eglinton. I started off by going to her to get my hair styled for a couple of weddings and ultra chic work functions etc. and then finally bit the bullet and got her to cut my hair in the late summer. I loved the cut and the new style she gave me, and so yesterday with another friend Inbal in tow, went back to her to get my annual colour therapy. She sure didn't let me down and gave me beautiful highlights of reds and purples and combined with my natural deep brown, the whole effect is quite stunning.... and I look GREAT!


Liisa said...

Congratulations for you great looking hair!

I am still in a process of finding a decent hairdresser. I just moved to a new town. While looking for the one my hair is slowly turning into a jungle.

Jules said...

Having a fabulous hairdresser is oh-so-important. I have serious trust issues with who cuts my hair, due to a number of really bad experiences when I was living in London (oh I cringe at the memory!!).

I want to see a photo of you with your new haircut though!

The Pixy Princess said...

aaah.. just when I was THIS CLOSE to totally giving up on ever having people read my *dribble* I get not one... but two amazing comments!

Hairdresser woes are apparently universal!

And Jules, stay tuned for pics. Am up to my eyeballs in preparing for my presentation on Sat... but as guest of honour at the party on Sat night, I'm sure there'll be lotsa pics to post later. (If only I can figure out HOW!)

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