Monday, November 20, 2006

Home of my Fathers

10 things I cannot WAIT to do when I get back to Mumbai:

1. Stroll down the Carter Road promenade at sunset and watch the sun go to bed in the sea. Sunsets in the T Dot are most abrupt!

2. Eat pani puri at Karachiwalla's. *Yummmmmmm*

3. Go to the Bandra Gymkhana on a Sunday and shameless evesdrop on old timers discussing their wives, their kids, their jobs and the state of the nation today. In that order. Like they always have.

4. Go to Church on Sunday and after Mass hang around the Parish "Aunties" and get all of the latest Bandra gossip.

5. Walk down St. Andrews Road in March when the leaves on trees are just budding and those sweet yellow flowers are in full bloom.

6. Wake up eaaaary one morning and listen to the clank-clank of the milkman's bicycle as he makes his morning rounds.

7. Go to Bandra station and listen to the street vendors hawk their wares: "Ladisss... have a looks.... Niiiice stuffs I have..... Baby frooaks (frocks).... Baba soots (suits).... Fiiiines Qaalitis"

8. Take a train ride downtown.

9. Take a ferry ride to Elephanta Island.

1o. Ride the 4 ltd. bus back to Bandra - winding my way through the main road and by lanes of the city, taking it all in, enjoying every moment of the ride.

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