Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just like Cher

Every year the whole daylight savings thing just completely throws me a curveball. In spite of repeated reminders on TV and from people all around me, I still manage to forget about changing the clocks... or worse still, like that one year I changed them the WRONG WAY!
You know how people always wish they could turn back time? (Now do you get the Cher reference?) Well... they shouldn't. It's just a pain and all of the next day you're stressing about if you've done it right.

At least this year wasn't that bad. I still forgot all about it, but seeing as I was in bed with a hangover for most of Sunday, it mattered not!

The reason for my most recent bout of post drinking regret syndrome was of course The Lady Killer's Awesome Halloween Party! (yes it deserves all caps!)
TLK LOVES Halloween - mostly because of the dark and twisty themes I guess - and every year he goes all out with his costume and "encourages" others to do the same. And if somehow folks aren't inspired enough to come up with a costume of their own (however lame), TLK is ready to dress them in his very own creations!

There were ghosties... there were ghoulies; a desperate housewife dropped in with muffins and ironically made the punch! Obscure comic book heroes hung on the couch while TV cartoons hobnobbed in the kitchen. And of course... we were all drinking! Which explains the huge gaps in the evening that even pictures couldn't straighten out!

I have zero memory of getting back to Jiblett's, but apparently we both made it back in one piece and then proceeded to sleep away Sunday with occasional trips to the washroom every time my tummy got nostalgic about all the wine I'd drunk the previous night! Days like that really SHOULD teach me not to indulge that much, but that's one lesson I don't seem to be able to learn. And here I want to be an educator! Well guess I'm going to have to set myself some homework: Do NOT over indulge at friend's b'day bash this Friday. Tune back for the results of that assignment!

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