Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Jam Packed Weekend

I am very sure my reader(s?) has had more than enough about the whole "The Pixys are moving" saga but there's one last update on that after which I swear I will move on to other topics!

After two pushbacks and umpteen changes of plans, Il Familia Pixy finally moved into their new house this past Saturday. And even then, not without more drama graciously provided by the moving company. But that's all done now and we're in and now alls that's left to be done is put things away and make the house a home.

Jiblett & I had to leave even before all the "festivities" were done as we had a previous engagement in London. (hey... we were supposed to move the previous weekend.. remember?) We were much overdue for a visit to London to meet one its newest and most adorabilist citizens - Alec James (or A. J) and oh my WHAT a cutie he is! Lots of pics and baby worship later, we put the little tyke to bed and then the "adults" proceeded to drink their faces off and debate the future of baseball, the price of cigarettes and whether or not it is proper etiquitte to clean the kitchen floor while one's guests are still eating dinner!

Everyone knows that the only thing to do after a full night of drinking is lots of bed rest. Or, if you are away from home, get in the car drive home and lots of bed rest. Which just shows you just how screwed up Jibblett & I are. Did we get into the car and drive home? Noooooo... we drive 40 mins into the country to go see his parents! Oh yeah... first we make a 30 min detour to his moron "friend's" house who thinks that taking someone's hat and hiding it is still acceptable behaviour when you're 30+ years old! GAH!

Anyway... we get to the farm where after 15 mins of conversation I fall alseep in the armchair and I know that if I don't get some sleep - real sleep - soon I'm going to explode. So off we troop to bed and 3 hours later slaunter down marginally refreshed. Jiblett's mum has been busy in the mean time and even though we surprised them with the visit, the gracious hostess that she is, there was a dinner fit for "company" all ready and just waiting to be chowed down.

We finally got back to the T Dot around 9 and I had just enough energy left to run a load of laundry before I crashed and then... it was today!


Jo said...

remind me: when are you coming to tokyo. i'd love to meet up.


Anonymous said...

O My Gooodnessssss! GURLLLL you have tttttime!!!! Come on over I need a hand with doing my laundry and packing my clothes, sorting my books and making an exit outta Q8!
Swell way of keeping us upto date with ur life's happenings hehehe I have loads to read..:-D
Say hi to everyone for me!

The Pixy Princess said...

TIME?? I make the time woman!
What Cheek!

Jo - Japan dates are March 28 - April 11.

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