Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bless me Father.....

We got possession of our new house on October 28th. We went over on the 29th to take a cursory look around and that's when we discovered that furniture can hide a great deal!

The new house is full of the 7 deadly sins leading to house renovations - scratched floors, weirdly painted rooms, unvarnished doors, stuck windows, dirty corners, broken fixtures and let's not forget disaster backyard!

Suffice to say after surveying all of that... and getting off our knees from the prayer of help... we know that the move will have to be pushed back a while - a week at least. So, instead of moving in last Saturday, we spent the ENTIRE weekend trying to erase one sin after another!

After 3 days of hard work, we've got the floors sanded down and on their way to a revival. The 2 bedrooms have been re baptized from bubble-gum pink and grape purple to coriander seed and tranquil spring grass greens.

There's a long way for redemption and I'm on my out to the new place on yet another mission of mercy. Please continue to keep the house AND owners in your thoughts and prayers. Send all donations to the "Preserve this Ol House" fund.

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