Saturday, November 25, 2006

3:43: am

3:43 am and I am completltly sozzled writingt this post.

Had a very surreal conversatin with Cubby earlier this night and I *thing* the bottom line of that conversation was that h said he;ll show up to the p[arty of the 2nd. * Ha RIGHT*
Did I alos bet a $100 on his showing up?? Can't be... I'be many dumb things before...... but not as dumb.....

Huuuum... may be I should edit this post wjen I'm sobER!!!
but weere's the fun in thta????

Disclaimer: The above was written after partaking in the consumption of 4 bottles of wine (3 red, 1 white) and needless to say, the content/ spellings of the message says it all. My first thought was "OMG... edit edit edit" and pray no one had read it. But on further reflextion, it shall stand as a testimony for what not to do when inhibriated!

In addition, yes I apparently did make a $100 bet with Jibber that his pal Cubby wouldn't show up to the party. But here's the crux: I have to pay him if Cubby showes.... but if he doens't, Jibber gets away scott free! GRRR yet another indication that bets should not be made when drunk... one has NO concept of odds!

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