Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Parent Trap

Top 5 reasons I believe my parents need to be institutionalized:

1. I hand my mother an open box containing shoes and she says, "What is this"?
2. My parents have just 2 kids (that we're aware of) - a boy and a girl. Yet, when I call and say "Hi.. Ma..." my mother will ask, "Who is this?"
3. I call my dad at 6:00 pm and ask him to pick me up from the subway station in 20 mins. At 6:07 pm I get a call back saying "Where are you??? I'm here!"
4. I hear my mum calling and I'll answer "what.... what.... WHAT??" After 5 mins of yelling out to her, I'll make my way to where she is only to have her look at me vaguely and say, "Did I call you?"

5. Dad: U. Harry's having everyone over for lunch at their place next Sunday at 1:30.
Me: ok, I can make it. I'll just meet you guys there.
Dad: fine.
Sunday, 2:15 pm, Outside U. Harry's house, one the phone with Dad: Where IS everyone??
Dad: What are you doing at U. Harry's house? We're all having lunch at A. Ella's - I TOLD you. *to my aunt* see.. that girl NEVER listens!

Top 5 reasons I haven't signed the papers yet:

1. Most cold, wet, rainy nights I'll get a call from my dad asking me if I need a ride home from the subway.
2. Aside from occasional weird concoctions... my mum's food IS rather delish!
3. Living with them saves me big $$$$$ and enables me to travel endlessly.
4. Their daily antics give me fodder for a comedy best seller.
5. They're VERY good with laying on that whole Indian/ Catholic guilt thingy!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

ha ha ha!!!! time to make that book nicola!

the prabhu show would be much better than the osbourne show!!

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