Sunday, November 19, 2006

Skip to my Loo

WHAT is it about folks not washing their hands after using the washroom? SPECIALLY a public washroom!

I was out on Friday night and we visited at least 4 bars over the span of a few hours and suffice to say I had to make more than one trip to the ladies room to empty my beer regulated balder. At one loo, I had to wait for a free stall while this gaggle of what looked like pre teen girls clusted around the sinks yammering on and on about the "cutie by the pool tables". Well I watched two of them come out of the loo, fluff their hair out, re apply their make up, pat down their clothes and walk right out..... they didn't even make a pretense of washing! eeesh! They were probably wearing the most recent style of jeans, had their hair and makeup down pat... but completely oblivious of basic hygiene! Again... eeesh!

Anyway... other than that moment of sheer disgust, my Friday night was a whole lotta fun. Started out by meeting my  T Dot besties  downtown to see
Happy Feet the absolutely hilarious new movie from WB. Dunno if I've ever mentioned that one of my pals is a complete Penguin freak and of course there was no way she was missing THIS movie! In fact, I think she went and saw it again on Saturday... and then Sunday too! 'Course since Beer Baron and Trippy have been away in Barbados and St. Kitts and The Blond One had just returned from a 3 week trip to Africa, well pints were just mandatory after to help catch everyone up with everything. One pint lead to the next and before we knew it we had visited 3 pubs and it was last call - 'cept that like Oliver, we wanted more... so off we trotted to China town where one can order "tea" at all hours of the night! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Waking up on Saturday morning was no fun event, and waking up and realizing that we had just over an hour to get downtown for the 2 pm show of Wicked - that was no fun at all! Still, we made it, with minutes to spare and I'm glad we did coz I really loved the musical. I did wish the producers would have stayed truer to the book in the second half, but I suppose when's all said and done, an adaptation is never quite the same! Still, I had a good time and we totally scored on cheapie seats! I think Ive been remarkably luckly where theatre tickets are concerned. Except for the Lion King 4 years ago, I've never had to pay full price for any of the plays/ musicals/ professional productions I've seen. Hurrah for internet research and discounted ticket deals!

Oh and btw, one of the things I listed on my "Must Do" travel list is see "The Mousetrap". If anyone knows about nice LEGAL ways to get discounted tickets in London, DO share!


Lotus Reads said...

All I can say is eeesh! :)

And that I wouldn't want to be shaking their hands!!!!!!

BrownBoy said...

I've seen people in the medical business not wash their hands. That freaks me out. That's why I'm a mysophobe and carry a bottle of sanitizer every where I go...

The Pixy Princess said...

Lotus, AMEN to that!

Hiya Brown Boy!
Fancy seeing you here after AGES!
now... how can I leave a comment on your site??

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