Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Do List

  • Find a Job
  • Sort out banking matters
  • Put away travel clothes
  • Clean up room
  • Find a Job
  • Upload Japan pics onto Flickr
  • Buy new sneakers
  • Sort gifts from trip
  • Find a Job
  • Get over 4 year relationship
Did you know that in addition to Naval Combat Information Offices, Military Policemen and Naval Combat Systems Engineers the Canadian Forces have 52 job openings for MUSICIANS???
Cross my heart..... its true! I didn't know soldiers got piped into battle these days...... 


Liisa said...

I looked through your Japan photos on Flickr and it was great to see familiar places and familiar places. Thanks for sharing them Nix :)

Sigsy said...

Easy - can you play the recorder? You have a job in the army - get tootin lover!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos!!!! and even a penguin...well done....

The shots of the flowers are beautiful, the colour, the shapes and the vividness...absolutely awesome.

So many questions though...I'll have to book time for a guided 'tour'...looks like you ate well.

Penguin Pal

Jules said...

Oh yes - the military has musicians! Parade ground music, along with national anthems. Must know how to march and play at the same time, though.

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