Monday, April 30, 2007

Good 'Ol Fashioned Family Fun!

My littlw cousin elebreated his First Holy Communion yesterday and like most big (or any) occassions, the family was out in full force to celebrate with him.

After much anxiety over the weather - last week was dull and rainy - Sunday dawned bright and sunny with a promise of a high of 20 degrees! Everyone was thrilled - though Captain (my cousin visiting from India) declared that she was still cold!

Preparations for the event began days... and weeks before with various family members being handed their respective "duties". The household was busy all of Saturday as there was fruit for dessert to be cut, gram to be boiled, sandwiches to be made (cheese and chutney) and the give aways to be packed. Somehow in the middle of all of this Captain and I managed to fine time to visit an old high school teacher who is currently here in Toronto visiting her family.

My brother, uncle and myself went over to the event venue early on Sunday morning to set up the tables and move the majority of the food, misc things over. We only had about an hour to do all that before we had to rush back home to get changed and ready for the mass.

Family and friends were represented in full force at the Mass and we needed much more than the 1 pew reservered for communicants family! The service was really enjoyable as the pastor was nice and dynamic and kept everyone interested throughout. After mass, we all trooped over to the reception and the festivities were soon underway. Many more guests joined us over the afternoon - I think we must have been about a hundred in total.

With DJ R (another cousin!) at the helm, there were enough party tunes being belted out to keep the dance floor crowded all afternoon long.

The kids had a blast chassing balloons, playing hide and seek and generally running around adding to the noise and chaos that is most of our parties! Guests drinks were being well looked after by rookie bartenders who were very generous with pouring out the pegs!

And of course there was FOOD - snacks consisted of batata wadas, pakoras, chips , meatballs and sandwiches.
The main course was pure Parsee delight with sali boti, chicken, and fish parsee style combined with potato chops and sorpotel. And let's not forget dessert - Laganoo custard and a chocolate fountain hat you could dip fresh fruit into - big hit with the little kids.... and some big kids too!

As guests began to leave, it was cleanup time .... and with many helping hands the room was back to normal pretty soon.

All in all, a lovely afternoon with family and friends!

In other news, I finally got a call for an interview tomorrow morning at 9 am - rather a prescreening. It will be like a brief test - I will have to write an essay type answer, 2 short answers and also do a personality test. The job is with the Central Toronto Employment Centre and the position is that of Training Application Coordinator. If I get through this round, I'll have an interview with the manager there. *fingers crossed*

Spring seems to have finally made an appearence in the city. The past week was wet and rainy, but the warm sunshine over the weekend seems to have made a difference and forced the trees to push out some tiny buds. Hopefully before long, things will be green again.

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