Saturday, April 14, 2007

Journey to the Ends of the Earth.

April 11 2007

0800 hrs (Japan time): Leave home for airport after being up all night with Sakura House pals.
1000 hrs: Arrive at airport find out flight is delayed.
1200 hrs: Find out flight is delayed some more.
1327 hrs: Finally depart Narita International Airport (delay of 2 hrs 27 mins) for Mumbai, India via Bangkok and Delhi.

Movies watched in-flight: Dreamgirls, Eklayva.

April 12 2007

0246 hrs (IST): Arrive into Bombay 3 hrs 36 mins behind schedule.
0415 hrs: Arrive at grandparents home and crash.
0800 hrs: Wake up.
1015 hrs: Go to family Doc for last in series of Hep shots.
1045 hrs: Go to bank and conclude banking matters. Withdraw lots of money!
1125 hrs: Go shopping for last minute gifts etc etc.
1300 hrs: Lunch
1415 - 1535 hrs: Phone calls to all and sundry.
1645 hrs: Meet VBF her mum and her bf JJ who's down from Glasgow for a holiday.
1650 hrs: Find out JJ and VBF got engaged 2 days ago - run around and shriek madly.
1715 - 2020 hrs: go ring shopping for JJ's ring. Find nothing other than the knowledge that there is a LOT of ugly a** jewellery that exists.
2025 hrs: Get back home, finish packing. At. Last.
2100 hrs: Dinner (and more phone calls)
2230 hrs: Leave for airport.

April 13 2007
0215 hrs: Leave Bombay for London on BA 138.
Movies watched in-fight: Stranger Than Fiction, The Holiday (seemed apt), Casino Royale.
0731 hrs (GMT): Landed in London-Heathrow
0731 -0820 hrs: Sat bucked up in aircraft on the runway waiting for a free docking bay.
0830 - 1300 hrs: Wandered around in Heathrow airport.
1300 hrs: Departed London for Toronto on AC 857.
Movies watched in-flight: Driving Lessons, Charlotte's Web, Eragon
1529 hrs (EST): Arrive into Toronto.
1720 hrs: Arrive home.

The End.


Jules said...

Glad you arrived home safe and sound, even with all those delays! Hope you aren't too jetlagged!!

Did you take lots of photos? And are we going to see some of them?

The Pixy Princess said...

surprisingly not too bad! deets in next post.
took about 1500 pics in Japan!!!! Will edit and upload onto Flickr shortly.

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