Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not Lost in Translation

Turns out, I know a lot more people in Japan than I originally thought.

For starters, there's De the girl I'm currently staying with - daughter of mum's colleague.
Then there's the blogging buddies -
Jo, Beastie and Sigsy who I'm meeting for drinks and general fun times tomorrow night.
There's Don - a friend of a friend who also from Canada and who also went to York!


I just found out that Junko, a friend from ASL classes has just moved back home to Tokyo after 4 years in Toronto!

What with plans to meet up with all of them, my social life is quite hectic - considering I'm in a whole other country!


Spent yesterday in Kamakura which is about an hour and half southish of Tokyo. Like Nikko, its a "temple town" with little shrines and beautiful masterpieces of architecture scattered over a large area. Took my own sweet time wandering around, poking around little corners and (of course) taking hundreds of pics! Spring is just EVERYWHERE you look, and the Japanese gardens are simply amazing. Every tiny leaf and bud here looks absolutely precious! I took about 10 pics of the "totally cool tree" before I realised it was a MAPLE tree!

Day 5 in Japan, and I'm off for Hanami Sakura, which basically means sitting in a park, looking at the trees and drinking oodles of sake!


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Liisa said...

Have fun in Japan!

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