Monday, April 23, 2007

Old friends, New Obsession

After a week filled with nothing but sitting at the comp surfing job sites and applying for God knows how many jobs.... I was really looking forward to the weekend and meeting up with the gang again.

Started things off with a bang on Friday night as I headed over to Menace's for dinner and drinks (a lovely BIG bottle of red wine) and then out DANCING with the girls - Cosmo Girl and Big Blue Eyes. The very lovely and the newly single and very hot Drama joined us gals on the dance floor with some bustin' moves of his own! Guys be warned.... Drama is on the loose!

Saturday with Menace was nice and relaxed. Beatutiful day for just taking a walk, catching up and getting high on my latest addiction - Veronica Mars - seasons 1 & 2!

It was a nice reunion with my friends on Saturday evening - not too drunk, not too crazy... good times and lots of news being exchanged. Should "formally" congratulate Brooksy and Carolyn on their soon-to-be new addition to their family - Clumpy Brooks, we fondly await your arrival.

Rounded up the weekend by taking advantage of the sunshine to clear away a lot of the mess and wild bushes from the backyard. Its looking a lot better now, but there's a long way to go before we'll have that oasis of tranqulity we all crave! Some more eppys of Ronnie Mars and fantastic grilled fish dindin... and my weekend was done!

Monday morning now.... and its back to the mundane life of an ex world traveller who's now looking for a job..... any job.....

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