Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sake bath anyone??

Today was earmarked as "Trying to see Mt. Fuji day", but thanks to the crap weather, that was quite out of the question. Went to Hakone anyway since it was pointless staying in Tokyo in the rain.

Beastie had reccomended an Onsen in Hakone that she had recently been to and since visibility was near nil, I decided to go check it out. For my first Onsen, it was really quite spectacular! There was the traditional section with the heated pools and hot springs and then there was a whole other section that was more like a family ammusement park with slides and theme pools and other funky stuff.

Some of the pools I paddled in today -
Coffee - more like Cappucino actually; it was all foamy
Green Tea - smelled kinda funny, like cold tea smells
Dead Sea bath - high salt content and everyone was all floaty

I peeked into the Red wine bath, but Beastie had already discounted it as mere coloured water, so I gave it a miss.

Finally, I loved the bath with the little fishies that nibble on your toes - they apparently love to eat dead skin! Its terribly ticklish though, and when you're by yourself its hard to keep a straight face while you're being tickled to death by fish fins!

Thanks for the recco Beastie, it saved my trip to Hakone from being a complete washout!


Sigsy said...

Did you wear your bathing suit or 'go nude'?

Timorous Beastie said...

Glad you enjoyed it - it was perfect weather for an onsen. If you go to hotel onsen in the middle of the week and middle of the day, there's a good chance you'll have the place to yourself, so you can be naked in solitude.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised you didn't get to see Mt Fuji...I have a friend who firmly believes it doesn't really exist, but is actually a life size photo that is rolled out for tourists!

Your penguin pal...

The Pixy Princess said...

suit. Didn't feel brave enough for the full monty experience just yet. But will have to get some courage, and fast- my hotels in Osaka and Kyoto both have communal baths!

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