Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last day of Nothingness

Today was my very last day as an unemployed sod! As of 8:30 am tomorrow morning, I will have rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed and be on my way towards once again being a contributing member of society, and sadly having to endure heels again for the most part of a work day!

So what, you ask did I do today? Here are the highlights:
  • Woke up only marginally late and make myself a big scrambled eggs and toast brefix. Figured it would be a while before I had that luxury again!
  • Sent out "thankyous" to the 38 emails that came in in reply to my news of a new job. Must always be polite you know.
  • Cleaned up and vacuumed my room. Its going to be a long while before I do that again, and the dust bunnies were getting rather wild.
  • Settled down to watch some of my very fav British hunks in 4 of my all time "Feel Good" movies - Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, About a Boy, Love Actually and Notting Hill. These can also be classified as the part Colin Firth and whole Hugh Grant yummy-makes-me-swoon-with-delight collection.
  • Had a delightful dance session with one of the guys from dance class. He came over and I spent 2 hours polishing all the moves that I'd previously just about fuddled my way though. We had such a good time, we're going to make it a regular weekly thing - which is awesome!
  • Called a friend and had the pure joy of just .... chatting. Haven't done that in a while and it felt terrific.
  • Picked out an outfit for my first day. Then changed my mind about 4 times. In the process, I ironed about 6 pairs of pants and 4 shirts - some of which weren't even mine.
  • Started reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". Will be re reading and re watching all books and movies out to date in anticipation of upcoming movie and book.

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