Friday, June 15, 2007


After a brief meeting with the CEO of Not for Profit organization this afternoon, I was offered the position of Account Manager and Corporate Liaison Officer with their company.

The job is everything that I was looking for... and then some more!

I get to work in the Not for Profit sector and actually CONTRIBUTE towards a bunch of causes that I'm passionate about. Starting Wednesday, I will once again join the thousands of commuters who make their way across the city to work, and then back again 8 hours later. Only this time, I'll be doing so gladly. Everyday that I show up at this new job, I will be making a difference - helping someone. And that's worth more than all the glory and prestige of working with a big showy organization like I did before. Its worth more than the incentive trips across North America and the other little "extras" that were thrown in.

This time I'm wanted for who I am not for who I can become. And its a great feeling.

I can't wait to get started.

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