Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Small Joys

Small Joy #1: My VERY OWN copy of Pride & Prejudice has just arrived in the mail. YES - the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehel version!! Can now indulge in repeated oggling of Mr. Darcy in see-through soaking wet shirt a la Bridget Jones, and perhaps even find own Mr. Darcy in process. (hey, a girl can dream......) 

Small Joy # 2: Also arrived - copies of Sense & Sensibility (Hugh-Yummy-Grant and Emma Thompson) and Alfie Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes.

Small Joy #3: Have been chosen as adult volunteer for wee cousin's grade 2 class outing to the zoo this Friday. Feel very love and needed at this moment.

Small Joy # 4: Dance class this evening has been cancelled. This means I will NOT have to leave the comfort of my warm and cozy home on a wet and windy day like today, and can instead indulge in Small Joys #1 and 2. 

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