Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Been tagged by Liisa to reveal some of my fav eating spots in the T Dot. A rather herculean challenge as anyone who knows me knows I'm a total foodie..... and then again, its Toronto! There's every restaurant imaginable from Scandenavian to Sudanese!

There's really too much to choose from, so have made rather random choices here:

Pho Hung Restaurant - 200 Bloor St. West, Downtown Toronto
Tiny little place in the heart of the UofT Annexe. Best Pho around for a cheap cheap price, and amazing quantities.

Frederick's - Bellamy/ Ellesmere, Scarborough
Just minutes from my house and the best Indian-Chinese food outside of the Motherland! Mixed pakoras are amazing!

Jack Astor's - 144 Front St. West, Downtown Toronto
I love the bar section and the patio is spacious and actually has its own bar which makes it the perfect hangout post basball games in the summer. They serve an amazing calamari apetizer, and the California Chicken Salad is a healthy and filling alternate to the usual bar/ pub fare.

Spring Rolls - Yonge/ Dundas, Downtown Toronto
This chain of Thai food restaurants is one of my favourites - the curry pad thai and green curry are both top notch and at a very reasonable rate.

Taste of China Seafood Palace - Chinatown, Toronto
The very best after hours spot where a wink and a nod will get you a pot of "special" tea. I've never ever been here in the day time ... or sober for that matter, but I do know that its a great place to unwind after a big night out on the town.

I don't know too many bloggers, so I tag Boo and Sigsy.


Anonymous said...

Fredericks! I forgot that was out your way...we need to make a date to go there in the summer.

Your Penguin Pal

The Pixy Princess said...

we also have a date to check out the LM Montgomery heritage sites...

must plan!

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