Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two Weddings.... and Turkey!

The harvest is in and summer is done. We've had some pretty warm and deceiving days in October, but looks like Thanksgiving weekend was the last hurrah and Mother Nature has quit joking around and is in full Fall mode. Looking back to take stock of the summer, two events spring to mind...the two weddings I attended.

For the first, flew to Denver, Colorado over the Labour day weekend to witness one of my college friends tie the knot. He moved to Goshen, Indiana in our 3rd year and that's where he met his wife. I had never been to Denver and although I was busy helping out with wedding "stuff" was glad I was able to take in some of the sights and sounds of the city as well.

The wedding itself was a simple but unique ceremony held at the South African Pavilion of the Denver Botanical gardens attended by about 50 of their close friends and relatives. The ceremony was followed by a gathering of family and friends at one of the garden's reception rooms. Tradition was thrown to the wind with the complete absence of the usual speeches by family and friends, instead, the evening's entertainment included performances by a group of Japanese Taiko Drummers and traditional dances from Indonesia and Lebanon performed by two of the bride's college friends.

There was no DJ present to spin funky tunes, but the music was an eclectic mix, hand selected by the bride and groom to represent songs that held a special meaning for them, and for the guests present. So basically we went from the sound track of One Fine Day... to Bollywood's best - Dalher and Asha... and from the Bootstrap Boogie to a Broadway Medley!

It was very surreal watching a close friend tying the knot... and its a good thing I was too preoccupied with taking pictures or else I might have had to protest! Protest that we're too young... that it was just yesterday we were scrambling to get college assignments handed in on time.... that some of us STILL don't know what we're doing in life... let alone finding life partners!

Jibblett said he felt much the same way this past weekend when we went up to London (Ontario) for his friend's wedding. After a year that was filled with bad examples of marriage and weddings with one of his friends going through a bitter divorce... this wedding was just what everyone needed to sweeten the mood again! Following the bi lingual French-English strictly civil ceremony at the historic Middlesex County courthouse, guests dined on a scrumptious 5 course meal and partied the night away.

Woke up very tired the next morning, but had to get back into shape pretty quick as we were due for Thanksgiving dinner on the Jibblett Farm. Fortunately it was just Jibblett's parents and brother and we didn't have to deal with extended family and cousins and aunts etc! It was a whole year since I had been there, so we took a walk around to check out Diamond the new pony, and the new kitty cats in the barn and walked out to the bush pre dinner to look for Fall surprises! Took a coulple of mandatory family pictures and went back to the house for the much anticipated turkey dinner... with all the fixins!!!

All said and done, summer 2005 was a pretty good one. Good weather and good times. And judging by this past weekend, I'm off to a good start for this Fall as well.


Sanchia said...

Those married people are children. CHILDREN, I TELL YOU!

The Pixy Princess said...

Well I'd like to agree... except that Jibber's friends are well into their 30s and both very much past the "children" stage.
Well.. ok.. the groom not so much!

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