Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Move over Dr. Phil..... I've got flower power!

Last summer at one of the weddings I attended, the table decorations were wee little pots of African violets, that guests were encouraged to take them as keepsakes. Just for fun I took a bunch home. I gave 1 to my mother, 1 to Jibblett, 1 to his mother, and the last I decided to take to work to brighten up my desk. It was just this wee little plant with a couple of purple flowers but something about it made me want to have it around.

Jibblett proceeded to kill his within a week, and the one I gave my mum got this weird fungus and died. Jibblett's mum managed to hang on to hers for a while, but her's too withered away in a month or two. Every day, I would check carefully for signs of life and although the flowers faded away, it seemed to be hanging on.

All though winter, my little plant (who I christened Bonnie) sat at my desk and listened to me as I had good day and bad days and some days that should never be on record in history! I went away to India for 5 weeks, and thanks to the diligence of 2 of my colleagues, Bonnie did not suffer in my absence. And then, one Monday morning in May I walked in and lo and behold, my Bonnie had 3 of the most beautiful blooms I had ever seen! I think I glimpsed just a bit of motherhood that moment I saw the flowers!

Cheered on by the fact that I was actually capable of looking after another living thing, I went out that day and bought another indoor plant... and then another... and then another. All summer, I added to my collection As of now, my family has grown to include Clyde the Spider Lily (to go with Bonnie of course), Jorge (pronounced Hor-he) the cactus , Juanita the Aloe plant, Esmerelda the lipstick plant and finally Frank the polka dot plant.

As for Bonnie.... she's doing marvellously. Done flowering for now but that's the fun of a changing season.... there's so much new stuff to look forward to.

PS: My doc's mighty pleased that my BP levels have stabilized and my colleagues have noticed a spike in my cheeriness quotient. Even on Mondays. They still however back away from me pre 10 am and pre first cuppa coffee.

Moral of the story: When all the world's a mess and you're having a bad hair day as well.... go outside and soak up some nature. Trust me.. it will make a world of difference.
Also, let sleeping dogs lie and leave pre caffinated women well alone if you value your balls... in both cases.

Bonnie & Clyde

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