Monday, October 31, 2005

Ghosties and Ghoulies

... were on the guest list when a bunch of us (The Blonde One, her bf, Brooksy, Beer Baron & I) met up at Menace's this Saturday. The main item on the evening's adgenda was to meet, chat, drink and carve pumpkins. It was the BYOB&P kind!

Only... we hadn't seen each other in so long... and Menace, Beer Baron and Brooksy had many stories of their recent trip to Barbados & St. Kitts... and The Blonde One and her bf had stories of their own.... and I was baking apple pie.... and with all that....we never did get around to carving the pumpkins!

Spent Sunday in a totally splendid lazy fashion at Menace's. Woke up late, stayed in my jammies all day, watched Halloween worthy movies (Nightmare before Christmas, Sean of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street - don't ask which one- and um.. the Guru!!)
And... we carved pumpkins!

Menace did a ghostly graveyard scene...a far cry from her szchizophrenic bat from last year but interesting in a way that only she can do so!
I did what ended up looking like a mutant gargoyle!
And Beer Baron... in true Baron style excelled with a detailed carving of a headless horseman!

To everyone out there celebrating Halloween.... Happy Trick 'o Treating!
Be safe tonight!

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