Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sounds of Silence

My department, like the rest of the stadium has a very eerie deserted feel to it right now.
Reason being, most of the noise makers, (and some of the quiet ones too) are all away on a 3 day trip to Las Vegas - the result of a sales contest run over the summer. Although I qualified, (just by the skin of my teeth) I had to turn down the trip as the taxes were too much ($600 for 3 days.. yikes!) and I couldn't afford it.Also, I have a friend's wedding this weekend, and all said and done.. I'd much rather be there! Even with the car rental and wedding present... its a way cheaper option. And besides, I'm rooting for this couple to last... unlike a couple of some other nuptials I've witnessed.Still... its a bit sad to see all the empty desks and not hear the incessant chatter about Football and Hockey and of course the baseball playoffs. Even the phones are quiet. Like they know if they ring.. there's no one to pick up!
Well its just for 2 days... they'll all be back on Tuesday and with them the noise! Well, at least we hope everyone will make it back. Last year, 2 people were denied boarding due to *ahem* 'excessive alcohol consumption'... both MANAGERS!!! And you're right... we've never let them forget it!

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