Friday, February 19, 2010

Whos That Girl?

Rain Man's previous comment on my girliness - or thereby lack of - was weighing heavily on my mind. Normally, I would have shrugged off the remark, stuck my tongue out at him and moved on back to the couch in my PJs and fav sweatshirt.

But something made me pause. In a mere week I was about to descend on the fashion capital of the world, Paris. There was no way I was going to make my entrance into mainland Europe looking like something even the cat wouldn't drag in.

And so, I have tentatively stepped upon the road to transformation. In heels of course!
Update: I had suffered through DQ's birthday party in these heels, but thanks to my week's regime of stretching them out with fluffy socks they were super comfy (ok, more like moderately bearable) for Saturday night's festivities. *heel click in glee*


Anonymous said...

Stunning! See you are putting your best feets forward~

Jo said...

and painted nails too!

get you :p

might be a little cold like that in pareeee though!


The Pixy Princess said...

You can't see in this pic, but the polish on the nails is chipped and uneven, left over from a pedicure in India over a month ago!

I figure, I don't have to worry about them until Spring.

The Bride said...

Love the shoes!

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