Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grant me the Strength

My boss had purchased a table at the fundraising event on Friday night and graciously asked me to join him and his guests for dinner. I accepted glad that I would finally be able to chat with him in a non work environment and perhaps learn a little more about him in the process.

About half way through dinner, he leaned in an said to me in a conspiratorial whisper, By the way, don't go in to work on Monday. I've decided to liquidate the company since the deal with XXX fell through and its not worth staying in Easterhouse anymore.

I learned a little more than I'd bargained for. That as of that minute, I was probably unemployed once more.


Timorous Beastie said...

I presume he'll still be paying you your redundancy pay? How unreliable.

laurie said...

oh lord.

good thing it wasn't your dream job, eh?

Jo said...

crap, that's bad luck.

still - look at it that something much better can now come along.


Anonymous said...

What an unclass act.

Sanchia said...

Oh godalmighty. I hope he's going to give you some form of redundancy pay.

And, needless to say, that something else comes along soon.

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