Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Update on the Job Front

Post discussion with Boss Man I have the following to report:
  • Starting immediately, I will be moving to a 3 day week. Boss Man agrees with me on the fact that there is crap-all work to keep me busy for 5 days.
  • I will also begin learning the accounting and payroll processes ASAP. The aim is to purchase online tutorials and work my way through the same. Hopefully, these will have been designed well enough for me to figure everything out. I have until April 1st to master these new skills!
  • In April, assuming that all those new contracts will come in as planned, I will move back to a full time basis with a salary increase for the added accounting and payroll duties.
  • With reference to current pay, of course I was cheeky and asked if I would continue to get paid for a 5 day week as I pointed out that the studying that I would be doing in the off time would be effectively FOR work. Boss Man agreed to pay me for 4 days and cover travel expenses. Not a bad deal, I thought.

So, that's the plan for the next wee bit. (note the use of Scottish terminology!) Hopefully, things go well with picking up the accounting process. And so, the hunt for the p/t job begins as well. I'll keep it simple - grocery stores and local shops in the neighbourhood. Lord knows I don't want to be travelling hours in another direction for minimum wage!

My volunteer work with the charity goes on. We are neck deep in preparations for the next big fundraiser event (another black tie ball) that will take place on February 12. It would be so PERFECT if the charity would just offer to hire me on p/t. But.... that's just wistfull thinking! Still, its not all that bad a situation and I hope that things will work out. Eventually!


laurie said...

gad, you're good.

The Pixy Princess said...


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