Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Dream. New Plan

There are some places in the world that are universally accepted as "must see" destinations. Among them are Rome, New York, Machu Pichu and.... Paris.

City of Lights. City of Love. City of Dreams.

I used to have very specific ideas about visiting Paris. It was never a destination I wanted to conquer alone; I was going to visit either with the love of my life or an old friend. Either way, with someone who I truly loved and who loved me in return.

Most people want to visit Paris in the summer. Not me. I always dreamed of a winter's vacation. Walking down a snowy street along the Seine. Watching the lights twinkle on the Eiffel Tower in the crisp winter air and drinking hot chocolate while looking out onto a busy Champs Elysee. Most of all, blowing out the candles on my birthday cake while a trio of waiters sang Bon Anniversaire a toi......

Life doesn't always mirror our carefully manicured dreams. I find myself perched on the eve of my much anticipated Paris trip. My travel companion is not my one true love; I am far, very far from that right now. Neither is it an old friend. She is in fact someone I have known for just about a year. We met in Australia and spent 5 days exploring the outback together. We are such opposites, but yet we seem to click.

And I am glad to be sharing this experience with her. Life has dealt us both some harsh blows lately and being in each other's company I hope will help us both to learn from each other, and to help each other with the healing process.

The rules and the players have changed, but the destination remains. One way or another, Paris is going to be a memorable experience. Because we will be there, and we will make it the Paris of our dreams.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Paris through your words and eyes. Have a marvelous time kiddo.


The Bride said...

Au revoir!

laurie said...

you will LOVE paris. but please bring walking shoes.

Wandering Wynie said...

That's so sweet, I hope you have/had a brilliant time and I HOPE you got to sample some hot chocolate!

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