Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Lies Beneath

Last night I was invited out to a friend's post Hallowe'en party. The theme was Steam Punk fashions, something that I had no clue about. Not wanting to spend anything on an elaborate costume, I dug deep into my very limited wardrobe and came up with:
  • One pair of army fatigues
  • One pink corset
  • Matching jewellery
Jellycake was nice enough to help me with doing my makeup and hair for the night; I'm totally miserable at that kind of thing. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have stabbed myself in the eye while trying to put on eyeliner or mascara. Nothing about a red, watery, twitchy eye is remotely appealing! Under Jellycake's masterful expertise however, the results were much much better and sans any eye piercing drama.

Little did I know just how grateful I would be for a face full of makeup later on when I saw Beans snuggled up on the couch with one of the girls at the party. I wish I could report that I got my own back in the same manner, but I just wasn't up to playing vixen that night. Instead, I took my bottle of vino and crept away to the stairwell where I spent most of the night listening to the sounds of the party knowing that somewhere in there, the love of my life was making small talking with Bambie MacSlutty.

Its a good thing that I listened to Jellycake and had worn the waterproof mascara. I can attest to the fact that it really works.


Timorous Beastie said...

The more I find out about Beans, the less I like him.

The Bride said...

Well, at least you looked fabulous!

The Blonde One said...

I have to say, that his behaviour was completely unacceptable and very disrespectful and you deserved so very much better than that.

Sending hugs from South Africa.

laurie said...

goddamn bean.
and good for you for going to the party, looking fabulous, and doing your weeping out of sight.

you WILL get over him. i swear.

Sanchia said...

Nasty of him to do that.

Hugs, my love--you will be fine. I think you've been very brave and are holding your head up impressively.

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