Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Anyone who knows me, even a wee bit, will attest to the fact that I am a truly Christmas person. I love the sparkly look everywhere as shop windows and streets are lit up with fairy lights. I love planning my mum and her sisters and sis-in-law all do to make sure that the family is (very) well fed at Christmas dinner. I love the thrill of finding *just* that right present for that certain someone you've been agonising over!

But even for a Christmasaholic like myself, I cannot get over how every year the season seems to begin earlier and earlier. There have been days when I've seen stores and malls all decked out for Halloween on October 31st and then *boom* on November 1st that has magically changed into a Winter Wonderland ready to usher in the Season of Shopping!

This year too, it was no different. The "official" lights of the city of Glasgow were lit last Sunday. Christmas music is blaring over the store loudspeakers and tinsel is just everywhere.

Every year, I bitch and moan about the bastardisation of my favourite time of year. About how its increased commercialisation has ruined most of what I hold dear about the season. About how presentings and spendings are the values that are worshiped in lieu of love and truth and kindness. I usually get so caught up in trying to sidetrack the gory parts, that I almost miss out on the rest. The actual good stuff, that I love.

This year, I'm trying something different. If I cannot beat the commercialisation, then I'm going to join in. And love it. Dammit, I'm not letting those cash-grabbing-soul-killing-Christmas-stealing grinches get the better of me this time.

And so, dear readers. I present.... my wish list!

  • One pair of fuzzy, warm bedroom slippers
  • One bathrobe. Preferably also of warm(ish) material
  • One bandaid for a sad and broken heart
  • One (just one) sign that things will get better for me
  • One last chance to see my Papa again and give him the biggest hug
Santa, St. Nick, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny. Yoda. Whoever you are out there granting these wishes. I can assure you that I've been a good girl this year. At least, I've tired my very best to be. I ask that you please grant me my Christmas wishes.


Sanchia said...

My mother heard about your last wish and says she will give you one whack if you think she will let anything happen to come in the way of it.


Timorous Beastie said...

The fairy linguist grants you good vibe and a pair of crossed fingers that things take a positive turn. And you shall hug your papa! It has been deemed.

laurie said...

i hope you get all your wishes! there's a radio station here in minnesota that has already started broadcasting christmas carols 24 hours a day. i avoid it like the plague.

Wandering Wynie said...

Just discovered your blog and it's so sweet! Very much agree with the whole Christmas-being-rammed-down -throats-a-little-too-early sentiment. Good luck with your job hunting!

WW :)

The Pixy Princess said...

@Sanch - The Mother is going to smack me regardless, you KNOW this!

@Tim - when the fairy linguist has decreed, who else shall stand in my way?

@Laurie - uurgh. Change the channel and don't change back until after Easter.

@Wynie - Welcome to the blog and the space in the world that is all of my inner world! Hope to see you around again.

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