Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dressed for Success

As I left my flat this morning heading out to the interview, I felt good. Really good.

I had gone over all the information on both the job as well as the organisation. Notes had been made and revised and reviewed.
There had been practice runs of mock interviews. Twice.
I had gone over all the expected questions, and some unexpected ones as well.

Then, there had been the unexpected find of a kick-ass suit jacket at Dorothy Perkins yesterday for the unbelievably low price of £6.80!!! (yeah!)

But all that aside, the fact that I was wearing my best pair of CFM undies and my hot hot pink lace uber sexy bra made me feel that no matter what happened at the interview, I was already a winner!

And THAT my friends, is dressing for success!


Effin' Bartlett said...

Oh my God, Nic, I have the same lucky underwear! I like to wear those special undies for all my interviews or whenever I'm feeling pretty. Hope your interview went well and you're enjoying your new life in Glasgow. You should know that the pub owners here in T.O. dimmed their lights and wept the day you left. Fortunately, we've organized a team of our best drinkers to fill the void.

The Pixy Princess said...

Bartlett! Welcome to blog - and to my inner world!

Glad to know that I am being missed, even if just for my contributions to the local breweries. As for the rest of you slackers - keep my flag flying high!

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