Monday, September 14, 2009

Pyjama Party

On a whim, I called up VBF and asked her if she wanted to come over on Saturday night and veg out on DVDs, junk food and a bottle of wine. T'will be just like our school days I told her. Well, minus the vino.

So she did, and we had a night of movies (Bollywood of course) and I made dinner. Yes, there was more flexing of culinary muscles - Grilled salmon cooked with sauteed onions and tomatoes with a side of veggies and mashed taters.
And judging by the broad grin, (and the later clean plate) it wasn't half bad either. Course, we followed that rather healthy dinner with a dessert of loads of ice cream and other things that will generally rot your teeth.

We were up till 3 am or thereabouts. We talked, we remembered. We laughed and cried. Ok, so it was mostly me doing the crying but you know what I mean. And then I felt even worse when I realised that she kinda blamed herself for some of this mess with Beans. She figured that if it hadn't been for her wedding we'd never have met and then I wouldn't be in my current sad state.

And although kinda true in a way, it doesn't mean anything. I could have met someone else just as nice and warm and fuzzy which could have later turned from sunshine and bunnies to heartache and tears. There are points where I do fervently wish that I could go back a year and change things. But that would also mean that I wouldn't have a year of fun, of good times, of being loved and in love. After all, isn't it better to have loved and lost....?
It felt nice to just talk. I hadn't realised just how much I missed my T Dot pals and being able to lean on them when things are crappy. The skype phone calls, although nice just don't have the same effect of going down to one of our fav pubs and hashing things over a couppla pints.

Hanging with VBF that night made me remember that even though she was now married and lived over an hours bus ride away, she was still the friend that I grew up with, the friend who had been there for me through all SORTS of crap over the past and who will be sticking around to see me though this new crap as well.
And to prove it, she made me pancakes the next morning. Which ironically is just what Trippy would have made for me if I was back in the T Dot.
So, here's to my friends here and there and everywhere. The very bestest ones a girl could ever ask for and the perfect ones with whom to share a good ol pancake breakfast.


CurlyGirlie said...

ok now i don't feel like leaving this comment after ur totally feel good post - but i think the term you are looking for is Veg out not wedge out or am I mistaken??
girlfriends everywhere Zindabad!!

The Pixy Princess said...

hahahaha yes, I did mean veg out. Must have been thinking of the potato wedges in the oven! ;)

CurlyGirlie said...

Damn!NowI'm hungry!

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