Thursday, September 03, 2009

Down Discovery Lane

Even after 3 days of being in my new place, the reality still seems a little fuzzy. I can hardly believe that was able to get the apartment that I wanted and relatively easily too! It was finally something good after weeks of drowning in the crap the universe was throwing at me.

And so, I have revelled in my good fortune for these past few days. Taken long walks to get to know the neighbourhood and some of the neighbours as well like the kindly gentleman from the Realtor office downstairs who was nice enough to help with sorting out a leasing agreement. And the guy from the grocery store around the corner who turns out to have an aunt who lives quite near to where I grew up in Bombay and who kindly offered me a cup of tea as we chatted about a city far far away. There's all sorts of interesting little stores along the main street. Butchers, bakers and if I hunt hard enough I'm sure to discover a candlestick maker somewhere nearby as well! Two large grocery stores just down the road and a hop, skip and jump away from the subway, the train station and all sorts of handy dandy bus routes. My local library is a mere 7 minute walk away. 5 if I hurry. Best of all, the neighbourhood seems to have a lovely sense of being a community and not just a random collection of houses and shops all jammed together in one location. Wandering further down the main street, I stumbled upon more good news. Rows and rows of thrift stores run by every single charity foundation imaginable. Which meant loads of opportunities to pick up some very good deals! On just my first round I found table coasters (brand new), a spice rack (only needs a lick of paint), laundry basket and an indoors drying rack. And I haven't even begun to investigate all of the wonderful second hand books I saw in all the stores. Who knows what else is just waiting in there to be discovered.

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Timorous Beastie said...

Sounds fab. Enjoy.

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