Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Meaning of Love

As I contemplate the state of my relationship (if I still have one) and think about all the mistakes I have made where dating and love are concerned, it pleases me to think that in this big world of often false hopes and promises there's one promise that has endured a long long time.

64 years ago a young man told his bride that he would love, honour and respect her for as long as they both shall live. I'll imagine that there were some not so good times in there, some royal tiffs and probably a What have I gotten myself into? at least once over the past years. But more often than that, there was evidence of love. Not a fairy tale romantic sort, rather a quite love that comes from being part of another life for almost as long as each of them has been alive. A love that is demonstrated through backing each other in good times and bad and in recent years, through a lot of sickness. Of night vigils at hospital bedsides and a quite
comfort in each others company in their home.

And so, I'd ask that you dear reader raise your glass in a salute to this love. Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa.

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Anonymous said...

To the love of real life...


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