Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Explore City Chronicles - Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Making the most of the gorgeous Fall weather I took a mosey down to the Botanic Gardens. The only thing I do miss here in my new living quarters is the wee lack of green space around me. Back in Toronto, I had two parks within a 5 minute walk from the house and not to mention a big and beautiful backyard where I could get my nature fix. Here, the green is just a wee bit lacking in the immediate neighbourhood. Still, its nice to know that just down the road, over the hill and around the bend the beautiful expanse and tranquility of the Botanic Gardens await.

Glasgow had been basking in an unexpected warm and dry spell for a while. Very uncharacteristic, but it made for good exploring weather. Apparently, a lot of other Glaswegians had the same thought and every sunny patch of grass had been claimed by a pale Scots.
Mac on the other hand found another comfortable spot, even if it were a bit unusual! I was left wondering what the fine folks at the gardens were feeding their greenery. Hopefully, it wasn't the tourists!
As we rambled (isn't ramble such a lovely word? Reminds me of Enid Blyton books and the likes) along the meandering pathways though the gardens taking in the sights and sounds and delights of a beautiful afternoon.

With all the green around and the warm sun beating down, it was easy enough to be lulled into a false sense of summer. But then we rounded the corner and saw the unmistakable sign of the changing of seasons. And for me, a reminder of home.


Anonymous said...

How must go often and watch the changing seasons for me. Enjoy.

Penquin Pal

The Pixy Princess said...

Aye Aye Captain!

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