Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wish Lists

I'll bet you guys were wondering what took me this long to come up with one of my famous lists. Actually, the lists were started in my head the day I decided to make the move, just didn't get around to putting them down on the blog. So, without further ado:

Places to visit in the UK on weekend road trips:
  • Isle of Skye
  • Fyvie Castle (one of my current clients grew up on the castle grounds - how cool!)
  • Oban Distillery (I hear its one of the finest)
  • Inverness (how can I not?)
  • Aberdeen
  • Eilean Donan Castle (where parts of Harry Potter, Highlander and the World is Not Enough was shot)
  • Isle of Cumbrae
  • Isle of Arran
  • Stonehedge
  • Old city of York
  • City of Lancaster (on the hunt for a Beastie)
  • Plymouth and Torbay, Cornwall
  • Liverpool (because that's where Sigsy is from, and any place that produced a Sigsy is worth a visit)
  • Barrow-in-Furness (just because it has an awesome name... and I'm sure they'll have beer there)
  • Dover (to see those famous white cliffs for myself)
  • South Harris (recommended by Beastie)
  • The Orkney Islands (recommended by Jules)

Places to visit in Europe:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Paris, France (for my birthday)
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • And OF COURSE - Dublin, Galway and Cork (and more) in Ireland

Things to do/see/experience:

  • Get Cineplex movie pass for unlimited movies in a year (isn't that a great deal?)
  • Visit Kelvingrove museum in Glasgow to view some interesting exhibits
  • Explore the Necropolis, Glasgow city
  • Attend at least ONE function where I get to wear a hat (wedding, Ascot, tea with the Queen... I'm not picky)
  • Sign up for a year long membership to the Scottish Heritage Trust to get me some discounts into castles, churches and the likes
  • Check out the annual Highland games and all the related activities
  • See a real live Puffin
  • Check out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Set off fireworks on Guy Fawkes day
  • Attend at least one soccer, rugby and cricket game
  • Find me an early edition copy of The Enchanted Woods and The Magic Faraway Tree, two of my all time favourite children's books
  • Take a picture with a Shetland pony (aren't they just darling?)
  • Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo (recommended by Jules. This is NOT a tattoo festival - contrary to what I first though!)

Any suggestion my dear readers? I'm all ears!


Jules said...

Places to visit in the UK:
+ The Orkney Islands (amazing! and they have the most northern whiskey distillery in the world)

Things to do:
+ Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo (amazing - lots and lots of bagpipes and pomp & ceremony in front of Edinburgh Castle, in August each year - book well ahead to get tickets & accommodation)

Timorous Beastie said...

And a highland coo! If you have a chance, I'd really recommend South Harris. You can get a ferry from Uig on Skye.

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