Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much Needed Cheer

My friend Maestro sent me this to cheer me up when he heard that I was at home and suffering from the sniffles and frog-in-the-throat syndrome. I thought I should share the love.


PS: Can someone tell me how I can upload the video right into the blog post? My tech skills are limited as you all know!


Jules said...

A How To Guide for Embedding Videos:

You see next to the YouTube video, there is a URL link and an Embed link? Copy the Embed link.

Go to a New Post in your blog. Click on the Edit HTML tab, and paste the Embed link into the post.

Go back to the Compose tab in your blog. Click Preview, and the video will appear. Click Hide Preview, and finish your post, and the click Publish Post.

Hey presto! The video is now in your post as an embedded item.


The Pixy Princess said...

Thanky much Jules! I'll try this when I get home.

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